Hard work pays off

We always ask for feedback from our customers, it is the best way to find out how we can continue to improve to create events that generate a measurable difference for them.

After the team building carried out with CS Events, we saw a tangible growth in the commitment of employees and a better working relationship in daily life”.

Hi Katia,
Well what a superb event that was, we can’t thank you enough for all your help and support, your guys were outstanding and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Our group has had the most fantastic time and Adrian our CEO absolutely loved it and has been extremely complimentary. The Awards night was also a huge success and La Lanterna is an amazing rooftop gem so thank you for suggesting it as a venue.
I can’t tell you how much I lovte working with you and your team and a special thanks also to Perry for his organization and knowledge. It was also a pleasure to meet Claire as well, you have a true family team. If I could do every event in Italy I would as you have an exceptional talent Katia”.

The events we have carried out during the year with CS Events have concretely helped us to generate real value from everything we do every day”.

Dear Ida,
I hope you had a nice Sunday to relax yesterday…
Again I would like to tell you: THANKS!!
The way you anticipated on all the things that could have gone wrong this weekend (that could have gone wrong a few times because of the weather, demonstrations etc…. haha) and how flexible you are. I would like all project managers to be like you…. I really enjoyed working together with you”.

The incentive trip we did in Italy, in Rome, thanks to CS Events was memorable. We had the best concentrated in 5 days, we can’t wait to discover a new city through them!“. “

They manage not to show the fatigue behind the production of an event. They are professional and always willing to listen to customer needs“.

The difference of the CS Events professional team is that they take care of everything themselves. Do not delegate, do not hire staff to put on your event: there are them, soul, body, mind and arms!“.