Turin. A fascinating city with a magic atmosphere

When we think about Turin, we think at Italian excellence, at the automotive industry, at the Mole Antonelliana and at the Egyptian Museum. In addition, Turin is less than two hours from the sea, an hour from mountains and lakes, very close to France and Switzerland, an hour from a countryside that is UNESCO heritage, and about 1 hour from Milan. The advantages of choosing it as an event destination are therefore countless, below we also tell you some interesting extra tips.

All in one night

“Tutto in una Notte” is an initiative born from an idea of the Department of Culture of the City of Turin that provides for tourists staying in one of the facilities associated with Federalberghi Torino an unusual, evocative and exciting experience: the evening visit of Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama. The tours can be combined with an aperitif or a dinner in one of the two residences for a proposal that combines culture, history and food and wine.


A dive into history

In some places in Turin time seems to have stopped at an era of carriages and horses, this is the atmosphere that you breathe in the historic cafes of the city of Turin, ancient nineteenth-century bars where you can enjoy the typical delights of the Piedmontese capital. Distinguished by a charm and timeless elegance, historic cafes are undoubtedly a must for those visiting the city: ancient mirrors, boiserie, satin tapestries, elegant chandeliers and porcelain plates, you can taste the specialties of Turin and take a small journey through time for just a few hours.


The Parisian passages in the heart of the city

The Turin galleries refer to the famous French passages present in the country beyond the Alps since the eighteenth century and whose construction began in the city of Savoy only from the second half of 1800. The charm of the covered galleries of Turin is undeniable. These "passages" between the buildings covered by glass that let the sunlight pass and illuminate the beautiful interiors are an architectural curiosity that is part of the history of the Piedmontese capital.


We could continue for a long time to tell you about the villas, the noble palaces, the creativity that still breathes in the cultural vitality and the musical and artistic ferments of this city, but we stop here and invite you to book a free consultation to get an idea of the potential of your event in Turin.