Autumn in Italy

Autumn. A magical period for those who love nature when it is tinged with yellow, red and orange colours, but also an ideal time to live the little villages, the cities of art and all the wonders of Italy without the crowds of Summer or the cold of Winter.
Here are three unmissable activities to include in your events in Italy.

The magical experience of the harvest

There is nothing better than visiting Italy during the harvest season: every year, between September and October, our country celebrates the harvest of grapes from the vines. The "Harvest" is one of the most fascinating experiences that can be lived in a number of Italian regions during Autumn.
It is a special way to discover local traditions and culture and among our partners we have a series of really wonderful estates, spanning from Piedmont, to Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Puglia and Sicily.


The forest bathing

It is a regenerating activity from a mental and physical point of view: walking among the trees of a forest, admiring the chromatic effect of the landscape - especially in Autumn! - listening to the sounds of nature, can be a surprise activity to give to your guests, also with an exceptional guide.
Will they be ready to turn off their phones and immerse themselves in the beauty of the most beautiful forests in Italy?


Sleeping in a Castle

Italy holds enchanting castles now converted into luxury hotels, perfect locations for various types of events. An experience that is almost a dip in the past, in a remote history that refers to eras that we have learned to love and almost mythologize.
From the oldest castles, dating back to the Middle Ages, to the more recent ones built during the '900, Italy is dotted with houses of unique charm, from Piedmont to Val D'Orcia in Tuscany, from Trentino Alto Adige to Liguria, to the Umbrian hinterland, Abruzzo and Lazio: choose with us how to make unique your next meeting.


Book a free consultation to plan your event in Italy, Autumn is only the first of a series of seasons with countless possibilities!