Food in Italy is family, tradition, culture, home, art

We bet that if we tell you Italy, "food" is definitely among the first words that you associate with our country. Italian food is universally known and appreciated, thanks to the quality of the raw materials, the variety of flavors and the charm of the recipes that are tradition and culture together.
Food Made in Italy is undoubtedly a plus in the organization of an event, certainly for the foreign guests we entertain in Italy, but also for events that we organize abroad.

Passion and quality

Italian food is a real mine of quality, from the best flour for bread and pasta, to rice and Italian pizza (which in 2017 received the UNESCO Intangible Heritage designation). Not to mention the wines, olive oil, cold cuts or cheeses Italy can boast many types of, many of which are protected by specific brands. Obviously food is the flagship of our events and certainly one of the reasons that lead foreign clients to choose an Italian destination for their event. We can say that when you try Italian gastronomy you do not go back: it is therefore also a reason for the loyalty to our country.


Variety and tradition

Each Italian region has its own recipes, almost always derived from a centuriesold tradition and declined in a myriad of variations handed down within the family. If you travel the country from North to South you discover how food changes even within a few tens of kilometers. Pizza, for example, in Rome is thin and "scrocchiarella" in Naples soft and high. Not to mention pasta: if you wanted to list all the possible types and related condiments you would need an encyclopedia!
The gastronomic tour is always an idea much loved by our customers, because of the richness of the experience that combines the discovery of the Italian artistic and naturalistic territory and food and wine.


Italian way of life

Not to mention the charm of the "Italian way of life" of which Italian cuisine is the emblem. A healthy and pleasant lifestyle that is made up of: fashion, culture, design, beauty, joy of life, sense of community, spirit of solidarity and hospitality, combined with the ability to enjoy the pleasures of life. An impalpable set of sensations, images and suggestions that represent the charm of Italy a bit all over the world, and that pushes tens of millions of tourists every year, from every part of the planet, to visit our country.
If you want to live this experience, get in touch and we will organize your event inspired by the Italian way of life and with unforgettable food and wine menues!