A three year long event

Today’s is a self-celebrative news: we want to celebrate with you the success of an event that has had a very long working time: from September 2018 to May 2022. Below we tell you all about it.

Three years of planning

In our work it is essential to share goals and timing with the client. We know that the secret to the success of every event is its precise planning and the management of every possible aspect.
Then comes a huge unexpected calamity in front of which you cannot do anything but put on stand by everything and wait for it to pass, but in the meantime keep the reins of the entire organization.
The mandatory stop due to the arrival of covid has brought the time for planning this great event to over 3 years. Every colleague knows what it means to have to postpone EVERYTHING indefinitely, so we will not dwell on that. We have not lost heart, we have maintained a constant communication with the client and all the partners involved and we have finally brought to completion an event of great impact despite all the unforeseen circumstances which happended in between.


A successful event

Here are some numbers:

2 hotels
300 rooms
more than 500 guests
3 locations for the dinnes
12 restaurants for the dine around
150 people of staff for setting up and catering for the gala dinner
more than 60 among hostesses, event managers, guides

The result was a success of which we are very pleased especially because we went beyond the expectations of the client and it is always very rewarding when it happens.


Behind every great event there is a great team

We were all repaid for the efforts and the wait. Obviously the event would not have been so perfect without the collaboration of all our partners: there was a huge team work that we coordinated with synergy and extreme attention.
Special thanks to: Monte-Carlo SBM / Société des Bains de Mer, Grimaldi Forum Monaco, Yacht Club de Monaco, Phenix Events.

We have felt the lack of events of this magnitude, we are full of energy and we cannot wait to tell you about the upcoming commitments we have in the calendar!