Good bye 2021 - balance of the past year

The end of the year is always a time for evaluations of what has been done and what could have been done and we cannot but admit that, despite the strong limitations still in force in our business, 2021 has been a year of recovery.

We’re back on the road

We were in London, Paris, Istanbul, Croatia, Zurich, Barcelona and then around Italy, from north to south. We participated in forums, networking events and it has been a bit like traveling for the first time, between the excitement of something new and that of a newfound experience.
We have provided assistance to our customers and partners abroad on the necessary rules to return to travel in Italy and we are available to provide you with any useful updates in this regard as well as tips.


We’re back to schedule

Our calendars are quickly filling with appointments. Last days we attended the IBTM Barcelona - the show which was missing since December 2019, in the next days we have two site visits in Rome for events scheduled for March and August 2022.
Then we will be in Milan from 15 December for a site visit for an event for April 2022, a Christmas Party for a corporate client and from 16 to 18 December, again in Milan, participating in Italy at Hand, the great Italian event organized by Convention Bureau Italia and ENIT - National Agency of Tourism.
If you want us to take care of your event now is the right time to contact us!


We’re back 100% live

If 2020 was the year of online events, digital conferences, virtual roundtables and webinars, in 2021 we switched to hybrid formulas or 100% in presence.
And we have no intention of going back!
The Italian Government is currently implementing a strategy aimed at preventing a further potential closure and we can only agree: if we respect the measures we can look together to the light at the end of this tunnel!


As we have said many times, we believe that negative events must be a springboard for the future: we must learn from the past and turn unforeseen events into opportunities. We can say that in 2021 we passed the exam with flying colors, we hope that 2022 can be all downhill.
We are always open to discuss with colleagues everything about the future of our industry, if you want to have a “brain share session” contact us.