Focus on Katia and Perry


It is certainly not enough to put together a group of highly qualified professionals to ensure that teamwork achieves the desired results: for this to be possible, team members must also demonstrate other skills such as assertiveness, excellent communication and problem solving skills.
Katia and Perry respectively Senior Project Manager and Project Manager know that the cohesion of the group that aims at a common goal is the fulcrum around which the excellence of the teamwork of CS Events revolves. Katia, with her innate elegance, manages to relate to an extremely diversified roster of Clients.

Intelligence, ethics and a sense of measure characterize the modus operandi of CS Events, which knows that constancy, enthusiasm and unity among its members are necessary to build a team of winning external assistants. For this reason Perry chooses his external collaborators with extreme care and attention, from hostesses to project managers, to all the professionals that Cs Events uses for the production of each event.
As responsible for relations with customers and suppliers, Perry always communicates meticulously every detail, useful to align each individual professional that is added to the extended family of CS Events.

The group must always feel like a real team: cohesion and enthusiasm are the fundamental ingredients for a successful team, to the point that one cannot ignore the other. CS Events confirms this every time the freelance personnel, engaged for the production of the various events, feels like an integral part of the team, feels appreciated for its contribution, feels valued because their skills are exploited in the right way.

Katia and Perry are well aware that their role requires them to always maintain maximum concentration, to treat everyone with respect, instilling serenity and security, communicating in a clear, gentle but firm and determined way: holding the reins of a team means keeping everyone “on track”, making sure that the objectives of the event are clear to all those involved and never forgetting that the best event planners even before being great communicators, are great listeners.