Focus on Stefania, Claire and Sara


CS Events' main point of strength is its team. A proven team, with decades of experience that share the same passion for the work and always aim to create emotions in every mission which is carried out.
Stefania (Events & Marketing Director) Sara (Managing Director & Account Manager) and Claire (General Manager & Account Manager) carry out teamwork in which success is achieved together. Thanks to the synergy of their different professionalisms they are able to collaborate in a harmonious and efficient way. Three women, three different personalities, three completely different roles, but the same State of Mind same ethics and above all common goals.

Stefania takes care of the diplomatic side of the company she travels often and maintains relationships with the clients first hand.
Sara has the most envied gift from the team, namely the ability to manage the most complicated customers, and to meet the highest and most demanding needs.
Claire takes care of the financial side of the company but simultaneously keeps up operative work too.

With many years of work behind them Stefania, Claire and Sara, together with the rest of the team, Katia, Perry and Antonella, can say that a winning team is the one that never fails to evolve and that develops excellence starting within the team. Therefore, especially in the world of event organization, a strong and united team becomes a precious requirement: where everyone plays a fundamental role so that the other can work well and where it is necessary to compose a mosaic of professionalism not only high, but wellstructured, coordinated and efficient.

In CS Events, Stefania, Sara and Claire perfectly represent this reality, they apply it to each event they work on and produce together with the team and each time they value Client satisfaction using the feedback received as a valuable tool for self-assessment and potential professional improvement.