If you launch a product… we catch it!


Organizing a launch event is a mean of communication that attracts the attention of consumers, to generate a positive orientation towards a brand through a series of actions aiming to amaze, attract and entertain.
Of course the more the event is be able to respect the brand philosophy and the style of the product, the more you will have advantages in terms of awareness and engagement. This is precisely the work that CS Events carries out with its team: creating a memorable brand experience that involves and excites.
Organize an event of "high involvement", it is not a simple job and requires excellent organization, extensive experience in the sector and extreme attention to detail . It is essential to create a direct experience with the product, a sensory, emotional and at the same time creative experience, which focuses on relationships: between subject and object, but also between subjects themselves.

A successful launch event must involve the ideal target audience and make them protagonists of an experience. Sometimes it is appropriate “to leave the box”, in other cases it is necessary to remain perfectly in line with the "traditional" image of the brand and avoid any "surprise effect", what is of high importance is to associate a memorable experience with the launch of a product, worth telling and worthy to be lived and told.
In doing so, it will be possible to generate value for the public participating in the event, making it the protagonist of an engaging experience: it will feel led to associate positive and rewarding sensations to that brand, which it will want to share and repeat.

This type of events is therefore in every respect an important strategic lever to increase business opportunities, transmit brand values and consolidate the relationship between consumer and brand. They allow to launch, in addition to a product, a message to its customers or those who could become so in the future, and therefore are undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing tool.