The Importance of NETWORK


The life of an agency like CS Events is a constant journey to new destinations, new foreign suppliers, hotels and prestigious structures, new experience to live and to propose to new or already affiliated customers. Being in constant movement means never feeling that you have reached your goal and seeing the goal always one step further: it is fundamental to always keep high the threshold of curiosity to accumulate ideas, inspirations and contacts.

It is along the path of each journey that you meet New people, time by time, you chose who to avoid, but mostly you recognize those you want to keep around, the ones that become part of your professional life and, when one is very lucky, become part of your personal life.
This is how you build a network: a net of human and professional relationships that meet and intertwine with our working life creating a common ground of passions, skills and support.

CS Events strongly believes that the relationship with agency colleagues abroad is essential for an exchange of ideas and data relating to market trends in the respective countries. During Its ten-year journey in the MICE ENVIRONMENT, DMC and Production Company, CS Events has therefore cultivated relationships and contacts all over the world, creating its own personal and professional network and expanding it in an effective and targeted manner.
The three agencies abroad based in England, the Netherlands and Russia constitute the strongest network of CS Events in the DMC area, they are a real extension of the main office with which they maintain a relationship of reciprocity, based on a continuous giving and receiving: advice, time, support, sharing, know-how, references, but above all trust.

The network with foreign representative offices and the relationship with the network of contacts and suppliers that CS Eventshas built over many years of experience are fundamental for keeping the pulse of the international market up to date to be able to define the most popular trends, tastes and above all to understand which formats are the most successful, and therefore which are the preferences for productions made in Italy: they are therefore precious material for the whole part of Events Production.
Having a solid network therefore means being able to rely on strong synergies that are the lifeblood for any agency that deals with Production Company and DMC.