Set up a space: between location, layout and logistics


One of the most important decisions that needs to be taken in order to have a great event is the choice of the venue. It is not just a matter of choosing the ideal setting, but rather of identifying the place that is capable of hosting the event, meet the set objectives and guarantee the best result in terms of costs and benefits.

When choosing a location it is therefore necessary to carry out an accurate feasibility study and evaluate many elements such as space, capacity, flexibility, presence of any architectural barriers, ease of access, technological equipment, safety standards and ultimately the costs. This is why site inspections are of great importance.
CS Events always carries them out personally, with the support of its qualified staff – a team able to study the location in all its details and above all to recognize the potentiality : the targeted work of a set-up can in fact transform an environment in a radical way, making it welcoming, suitable for the event and above all in line with the client's visual identity.

As important as the choice of the location and its layout is the management of all the organizational aspects contextual to the carrying out of the event itself and the supervision of the operating personnel. The coordination of logistics is one of CS Events' specialties: those involved in organizing events must have a flexible mentality, be able to manage any type of unexpected circumstances and have an excellent problem solving ability, because the success of an event depends on the care and the attention with which it was organized.