When theatre meets the guided tour.


A cast of professional actors dressed in costumes, together with an expert guide, uncover the secrets of the personalities of the past that characterized a place, a city, a theatre, an archeological site, a park or any other Italian wonder you may want to visit. These guided tours with actors give to the guests a full immersion in the unknown city.

Immagine visiting the Sistine Chapel together with Michelangelo that talks about the ‘behind the scenes’ of his work of art, or stroll along the Roman Forum with Julius Caesar that tells you all about the great urbanistic projects he wanted to give life to, or to visit the Vatican enjoying the pope’s company!

Tours with guide/actors take the visitors back in time, engaging them in full. The format enriches the classic guided visits making them theatrical and it transforms the locations in a real stage where the story comes to life.
The guided tour becomes an evocative and unique experience: the voice of the artist and his emotions expressed through his words next to his works of art give the visitor the feeling of jumping back in time; meeting the most important characters of history in the places they lived makes the tour unforgettable, giving the chance of breathing the spirit and personality of these genius who contributed to give life to the artistic history of Italy.

So the guided tour with the actors is a real performance with guides impersonating the artists of our glorious past and making the visitor not just a spectator of the performance but an important part of the cast.

CS Events invites you to give your guests this experience, choosing between a rich portfolio of spectacular places which this formula brings to life.