CS events | Background

After so many years spent working and running events for other agencies and Italian DMCs, we realized that we had built a world of our own made of funny stories, of friendships with clients and suppliers, of embarassing situations which started finding hard to share with this new, too fast running world.

So sitting around a table and stuffing our mouths with delicious home made pizza (just to make sure we were in our usual right mood), we decided it was about time to start something of our own, where we could transfer all our passion and love for the job, where we could look for something more but at our own pace and with the smile, happiness and relaxation which we had sort of lost lately.

So was born CS Events. Very soon we realized we were not working less, actually we are working more than before, but we treasure every moment and every event we run is part of our life.


CS Events has written a comprehensive Risk Management procedure and Business Ethics Policy including insurance coverage details, both in place to protect every client. Copies of these documents are available upon request.

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