Italy, the best set for an automative event


According to google (cfr. The Drive to Decide), the different phases of the automotive customer journey mostly happens online: users spend 75% of the time searching for information when purchase of a car, which corresponds to a total of 3 months. This is the reason why it is highly important for operators of the automotive sector to consider the strategies of this business not just as important allies , but as a tool that helps digital marketing to divert attention toward what will be and remain their own core business; the sale of a car offline.

You can describe a car through tridimensional pictures, videos or detailed Datasheet, you can promote it through tv adverts, through social media campaigns and influencer marketing, but if you don't see it live, if you don't physically sit in the car and drive it, you will never really know how it feels having a car like that.
This is why, to this day, in the digital era, there is a lot of investment in dynamic test drive and during automotive events the offline final experience remains a fundamental phase for the conversion from lead to client.

Italy occupies a privileged position for hosting automotive events, it is rich in unique places, often quite unconventional, with a high potential in capturing the attention of the press of that sector which is in constant growth. Location and context of the presentation of a car determine the whole flow and mood of the event , bearing in mind that even in different ways, it always needs to be in line with the style of the car and its brand.
From urban landscapes to naturalistic ones, art cities, from exhibition contexts to the most alternative locations such as old train stations, abandoned deposits, museum halls, not to mention the roads and race tracks used for test drives that underline the performance of a car making it possible to push its potential to the limit: Italy is the perfect destination for a car launch.

Being the car buyer more and more informed and conscious, each car brand finds itself forced to organize and build the most unique and captivating event in order to present the exclusivity of one’s product.

CS Events knows how to make the buyers’ experience unique , thanks to the network of professionals that the agency created during the years, more than ever, Cs Events will be able to guide its customers to analyze and reach, in the most efficient way, any cluster in line with its product, making the most of the scenarios that Italy can offer.