Molise, Italy



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Molise is located just above the “ankle” of Italy’s boot and lies between the Apennine ridge and the Adriatic Sea. 
In the limited area Molise covers, the geography ranges from mountain peaks inland down to hills closer to the coast which boasts sandy beaches surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation.


Main cities are Campobasso (regional capital) and Isernia.


Monti del Matese, where you can follow the old tratturi droving trails that join the pastures of Abruzzo with Puglia.
Termoli on the Adriatic coast is a fantastic summer holiday destination combining beach life with trademark shopping, old fishing traditions and historic drama.


The climate is continental typically with winters colds and warm summers. The snowy precipitations abound in the mountainous zones. The rains are scarce in the summer months. On the coast the climate is mild. April through October as the best months for visiting Molise. Summer months are ideal along the not so visited beautiful coast.

Main topics

Agnone is specialized in the manufacture of bells for the world’s most significant churches.
Scapoli is the town renowned for bagpipes, with a museum devoted entirely to this ancient musical instrument.
Samnites, Romans, Lombards... Many a culture has left their mark here.
It's the second smallest region in Italy, but it has sea, lakes, forests and the Apennine Mountains. A one-hour drive takes you from the pristine beaches of the Adriatic coast to the snow-capped mountains of ski resorts Capracotta and Campitello Matise.


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