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Abruzzo is situated between the Apennines and the Adriatic coast – in the centre of Italy.
The region is especially mountainous and hilly. In the east there is the level zone of the coast. In the Apennines there are desolate meadows and  woods without much vegetation. The landscape in the hills is full of green meadows and rich water-courses.


L’Aquila is the regional capital. Other cities are Teramo, Chieti and Pescara.


Five protected areas, including Abruzzo National Park, cover a third of the region. There are over 80 miles of winding coastline and 20 ski areas for skiing for all skill levels at surprisingly inexpensive prices.
Abruzzo is dotted with castles and medieval towns giving it the nickname “Abruzzoshire”.
Some of the most popular renaissance-style hill towns are Castel del Monte and Santo Stefano di Sessanio which reside in Gran Sasso National Park.


The climate of Abruzzo is mediterranean and mild thanks to the sea. Inside the region the climate is continental with cold winters and very hot summers. Rains and snows are very abundant during the winter. During the summer the climate is drier.
Winter months for skiing on the Gran Sasso or Terminillo. From March to October to enjoy the landscape. The long and sandy beaches are beautiful from June to September.

Main topics

Sulmona, hometown of the Latin poet Ovid as well as famous for the confetti (sugared almond confections).
What do they have in common? They both come from Abruzzo.
International renown reasons for visiting abruzzo!
But in L’Aquila of course.


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